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Remember when the sun used to sear our skin.

So familiar with its rays, our complexion encapsulated its intensity.

Remember when the moisture in the air saturated our flesh,

Sweat drenching our bodies the way river banks pooled with water.

Remember when the water brought us hell, then later promised us salvation. manipulated by the wicked, Yet her waves became a means to drown out our iniquities. A shapeshifter by nature, they exploited her Strength and she collected our pain- The water.

They used her as a mode to despair, packing us like sardines as they had her drag us away,

Our bodies trafficked by the water.

She became a graveyard to our souls, as the kin of our ancestors chose death by virtue of evading captivity. Their dignity preserved by the water.

They used her as a terrorist to our comradery, yielding her power as a means to lick our skin like fire. Manipulating her shape-shifting ways to wash out our communities,

Our humility and havens brutalized and suffocated by the water.

She became a median to freedom. Calling our ancestors to wade in her depths, carrying them to a landless Shackled, our fear soothed with hymns inspired by the water.

They neglected her, serving her to us as a tainted elixir. She was intended for nourishment,

But instead the lead led us to erosion.

Our impressionable, mighty, fearless, and relentless confidant. The water.

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